West London Free School

West London Free School

Careers Fair

23rd January 2018, 5-8pm at Palingswick House : Years 9-13

We will be holding our first ever Careers Fair on 23rd January 2018, 5-8 pm, at Palingswick House.

Professions represented at the fair will include, among others:

Accountancy, advertising, architecture, Armed Forces, business and corporate management, charity, Civil Service, creative and design industries, education, engineering, finance, health, medicine, Human Resources, Information Technology, journalism, law, marketing, media, music, police, politics, retails, sales, science, social media and sports.  

 Parents are very welcome to accompany pupils at this event. It is free to attend, but in order to spread out numbers as evenly as possible, and ensure the best possible access to our experts, parents and pupils are asked to reserve their places here.

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