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Further Mathematics




Unit 1 Further Concepts for Advanced Mathematics (FP1)

Unit 2 Numerical Methods (NM)

Unit 3 Statistics 1 (S1) or Mechanics 2 (M2)

Unit 4 Further Methods for Advanced Mathematics (FP2)

Unit 5 Further Applications of Advanced Mathematics (FP3)

Unit 6 Differential Equations (DE)



For those students who have already chosen to study mathematics at A-level, but want more, we offer Further Mathematics. In Further Concepts, Methods and Applications, you will be introduced to, and become familiar with, imaginary and complex numbers, exploring some of their applications. You will build on your knowledge of quadratics to attack solutions of cubic and quartic equations, and discover the world of matrices and polar coordinates. In Applications, there is a choice of options, including multivariable Calculus, differential geometry, and an introduction to group theory, that may be studied. The choices will depend on student interest and aptitude at the time. Numerical Methods will introduce you to methods of solving equations, differentiating and integrating functions, and approximating functions using numerical and technical, rather than analytical, methods.

In Differential Equations, you will build on your knowledge of Calculus to consider how an understanding of rates of change can be used to solve problems, and you will see different approaches to modelling and solving problems in the world around us. Numerical Methods and Differential Equations contain a 20% coursework element. Designed perhaps for those who wish to study mathematics at university, but this course is a wonderful mix of subjects and topics that will capture your imagination and develop your thinking. As mentioned above, it is only available as an option for students already sitting A-level Mathematics.

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