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Medieval History




Unit 1 England 1445-1509: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII (with Wars of the Roses 1445-1461)

Unit 2 The Crusades and the Crusader States 1095-1192

Unit 3 The Viking Age c.790-1066

Unit 4 Independent Study



The medieval world can appear at once both so remote and yet strangely familiar. This was a world in which men and women volunteered to take part in religious wars; a world in which large groups of people made perilous journeys across the seas in search of a better life. It was also a world in which royal dynasties vied for political power and in which warfare and violence were regular experiences for the rulers and the ruled. This course ranges broadly across the Middle Ages, taking in early, high and later medieval history, and providing you with an overview of one of the most interesting periods in history. This course cannot be combined with the A-level in Modern History, but can be combined with Classical Civilisation. Taking this course alongside A-level Latin creates numerous opportunities to explore original texts from the period. This course would suit a student who has a deeprooted fascination in the past and who is thinking about pursuing history at university, but it would also be excellent preparation for those seeking to study philosophy, religion, English literature and many other disciplines in the arts and humanities.

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