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“Apart from the fact that it is a very highly respected subject to study at university and therefore for future employers, whether in Journalism, Law……… in fact in most industries, it is really all about the ability to be a perfect communicator. You have to be able to communicate well for the rest of your life, you want to be able to convince people, to have good conversations, good, backed-up, structured arguments, not just arguments for the sake of arguing. All of this comes through studying a lot of literature, texts analysis, but also through learning how to write intelligently and in a structured way. This will help you in any walks of life”. Rachel Oxtoby Head of English




Is spoken language as valuable as written language? How do children learn to speak? How does language help us to create identity? All of these are topics discussed and analysed during this course. Designed to celebrate the diversity of language, whilst simultaneously using independent research and investigative skills to explore links between language and its contexts, this course will enhance your skills as a writer, challenging you to produce texts to a publishable standard in a variety of genres. You will also develop your ability to analyse and interpret spoken and written texts – from conversations and political speeches to articles and blogs. You will examine language use, capture your own data and learn to use a range of research methods.

The knowledge and skills required for the study of this course have been introduced at GCSE and the study of A-level English Language is an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the cultural and social discussion around the use of everyday language. English Language forms a solid foundation for the further study of a number of subjects, from linguistics and journalism to psychology and law. The research process on this course offers an approach to language that incorporates the scientific and artistic, providing a pathway into further study and exploration of what we often dismiss as an everyday form of communication.




Unit 1 Language Variation

Unit 2 Child Language

Unit 3 Investigating Language

Unit 4 Crafting Language



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