West London Free School

West London Free School

Year 7 Catch Up Funding

The school receives an additional grant for Year 7 children who did not achieve at least expected progress in reading, grammar and/or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. The catch-up funding is designed to ensure that pupils who have not achieved their potential at KS2 are not disadvantaged by this and are provided with the opportunity to ensure that they have the same equality of opportunity as their peers by the time they leave compulsory education. In the financial year 16/17 the school received £7,500 of funding for this purpose.


Major initiatives funded with the Catch-Up Grant

  • Year 7 Phonics Programme (£6,500)
  • After school numeracy intervention with a maths tutor (£1,059) 


Impact of intervention 

These interventions were directed towards ten students with the combined lowest Key Stage 2 score upon entry into the secondary school. We measured the impact of the numeracy and phonics intervention by comparing their starting position in the year group, to their end-of-year ranking across their subjects, and in English and maths. Over two-thirds of the pupils (70%) improved their ranked position in the year group across all subjects (increasing on average by over 7 percentiles). In English end-of-year exams, 90% of pupils improved their ranked position in the year group (increasing on average by 12.5 percentiles). In maths end-of-year exams, 80% of pupils improved their ranked position in the year group (on average by 7.6 percentiles). Both interventions will continue next year, although the phonics programme will be modified to include a grammatical component, to compliment the English grammar taught in lessons.







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