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2023 A-level Results

WLFS students receive their best set of A-level results ever, and will be continuing their studies at some of the world’s best universities.

  • Just under half of all grades are A* or A, and one in four students have achieved straight As and A*s.
  • 77% of applicants will be attending their first-choice destination.
  • Bursary students from a disadvantaged background have achieved places to study at Durham University, University of Leeds and the University of Surrey.
  • Seven WLFS students will be attending Oxford or Cambridge, and one has achieved a place to study at both Columbia University in New York and Sciences Po in France.

These are the best set of results ever achieved by WLFS students in nationally examined A-levels. Of all the A-level exams sat by WLFS students this summer:

  • 48% were graded A* to A (compared with 45% in 2022).
  • 77% were graded A* to B (compared with 73% in 2022).
  • 91% were graded A* to C (the same as 2022).

These excellent grades will open the door to some incredible destinations for our students, the majority of whom will be attending their first-choice destination. As it currently stands:

  • 46% of WLFS students will be attending a Russell Group University.
  • Universities of Bristol and Leeds are our most popular destinations, with 8 students attending each.
  • Significantly more WLFS students are going to study STEM subjects, such as Medicine (University of Dundee), Biology (University of Bath), and Dentistry (Kings College London).
  • WLFS students will be attending Imperial College London, the London School of Economics, the University of Edinburgh and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
  • WLFS students will also be attending at a range of prestigious art and music colleges including BIMM University and Kensington and Chelsea College, Morley College (UAL).
  • One student will be studying Blacksmithing at Herefordshire and Ludlow College.


Historic A-level Results 2018-23 


We are absolutely thrilled that students at the WLFS have achieved our best ever set of A-level results, despite headlines suggesting that top grades would go down this year. This is an incredible achievement, about which our students, their families and everyone working at the School should be extremely proud. At the WLFS, we teach the values of hard work and highs standards, and these outcomes are the result.

Ben McLaughlin and Robert Peal, Joint Headteachers

Congratulations to all students who have achieved so much this year. These outstanding results are set against the disruption these students experienced with their GCSE exams cancelled and it is very pleasing to see such high levels of achievement in the first formal set of public exams they have taken. The commitment of our staff continues to impress, and the Knowledge Schools Trust is so grateful for all their hard work and focus.

Ian Hunter, Chief Executive of the Knowledge Schools Trust