West London Free School

West London Free School

Contact Details

The West London Free School is located at the following addresses:  

Years 7 to 11

Palingswick House
241 King Street
W6 9LP

Telephone: 020 8600 0670


Sixth Form

Franklin House
2 Bridge Avenue
W6 9JP 

Telephone: 020 8600 0670 ext 680

All postal correspondence should be sent to our Palingswick House address.

For general enquiries and enquiries from parents, please contact Reception on 020 8600 0670 or email admin@wlfs.org.

Finance specific enquiries can be sent to finance@wlfs.org.

For all queries and questions from the Press or media please contact press-queries@ks-t.org. 


Headteacher: Mrs Clare Wagner

Chair of Governors: Mrs Katy Whelan

SENCO: Ms Judith Piggins at j.piggins@wlfs.org









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