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Musical Aptitude

About Our Music Scholar Programme

The West London Free School is a music specialist school and sets aside up to 12 places each year for children with a particular aptitude for music. No prior musical experience is necessary as the test is designed not to discriminate in favour of those who've already had instrumental lessons.

Music scholars will be given free tuition in one instrument, but they in turn are expected to make a commitment to their musical education – arriving at the school early on some days, giving up their lunch break on others, etc. These extra lessons are used to develop the practical abilities of the music scholars as well as deepen their understanding of how music works. Keyboard skills, ensemble playing, pitch perception and music theory are at the centre of these lessons, along with learning to use notation and sequencing software.

Who Should Apply

While some music scholars will already be proficient musicians, we recognise that there are many pupils who have great musical potential but who haven't yet had the chance to learn an instrument. So long as your child has a love of music, we would encourage you to apply. The test assesses pitch perception and sense of rhythm/pulse. The candidates will not be asked to prepare anything or bring an instrument as the test is all completed vocally. It is not a test of vocal quality.

How and When to Apply

Auditions for Year 7 entry in September 2021 will take place on Thursday 22nd October. To apply please click on this link. The closing date for applications is Monday 5th October at midday. Please email Mrs Smith, Head of Instrumental Music, with any queries; j.smith@wlfs.org

Offer of Places Based on Musical Aptitude

All applicants who take the musical aptitude test are ranked according to how they perform and this ranking is passed on to the Pan-London Admissions Board. Starting with the highest ranked musical aptitude applicant, the school will offer them a place provided the West London Free School is either first on their Common Application Form or above any of the other schools at which they are eligible for a place. The school will work its way down the list until it is able to offer places up to 12 musical aptitude applicants in total. The musical places will be offered at the beginning of March at the same time as all other offers of places. We will notify parents of the results immediately following the tests.

If we don't fill all our musical aptitude places in this way, any remaining places will be offered to applicants on our musical aptitude Reserve List.



Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason