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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Classical Civilisation




Unit 1 Roman Society and Thought

Unit 2 Greek Tragedy in its context

Unit 3 Art and Architecture in the Greek World

Unit 4 Virgil and the World of the Hero



Classical Civilisation is a rich and vibrant study of many celebrated aspects of ancient Greece and Rome. The finesse of these ancient civilisations is explored through the study of primary sources related to history, philosophy, literature, art, architecture, politics and religion. All sources are studied in English translation to allow deep engagement and comparison with a range of materials. You will study Roman society and thought, reading satires written by Horace, Juvenal and Petronius that reveal what Romans really thought about the wealthy, women and religion. You will consider the dilemma of Agamemnon, Antigone and Electra by looking at Greek tragedy in its context. The mathematical as well as artistic beauty of Greek art and architecture will be examined to understand the political, religious and aesthetic value of art in the ancient world. Finally, you will have the opportunity to read the Aeneid and extracts from Homer’s Illiad to discover what it really means to be a hero. This course offers a detailed and balanced insight into the Classical world. It allows students to engage with a variety of sources to develop an understanding of what the ancient world was like in its full glory and also explores the legacy that the ancient world offers to our own modern world. Classical Civilisation is excellent preparation for students considering university study of classics, Latin, history, law or English literature.

Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason