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Mastery Booklets

Every pupil in Years 7-10 is given a mastery booklet at the start of each term. Each mastery booklet contains the core knowledge that pupils should commit to memory, or ‘master’, that term. These booklets should be used by pupils to self-quiz as revision for in-class quizzes and exams. Pupils are taught how to self-quiz using the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method at the start of the year. You can watch a video about this method here:




The Michaelmas mastery booklets are linked below

Year 7 Michaelmas

Year 8 Michaelmas

Year 9 Michaelmas

Year 10 Michaelmas


The Lent mastery booklets are linked below

Year 7 Lent

Year 8 Lent

Year 9 Lent

Year 10 Lent


The Trinity mastery booklets are linked below

Year 7 Trinity

Year 8 Trinity

Year 9 Trinity

Year 10 Trinity