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Curriculum and Examination Physical Education

The PE department at West London Free School aims to offer a curriculum that not only builds pupils’ knowledge and physical skills, but also inspires them to live a healthy, active lifestyle and build habits that they can take into adult life.

Each week, pupils receive one period of PE and a double period of games.

Our PE aims are to:

  • - Provoke a sense of enjoyment through Physical Education and sport.
  • - Encourage full participation in Physical Education and sport.
  • - Promote physical fitness, healthy lifestyles and pupil well-being
  • - Create habits that pupils will take into their adult lives
  • - Develop social and communication skills
  • - Promote pupil creativity and independence
  • - Allow pupils the chance to develop confidence through taking on different roles (performer, coach, official)
  • - Advocate equal opportunities and ensure that all pupils have the chance to fulfil their potential
  • - Instil personal qualities such as fair play, respect, sportsmanship and decision making
  • - Embed a base theory knowledge by using GCSE terminology and content.

While PE is to focus on knowledge building, our games programme gives pupils the opportunity to take part in a range of both recreational and competitive sports. Our games programme includes rugby, football, hockey, netball, handball, athletics, rounders and softball.


Curriculum Sports Facilities

University Of Westminster Sports Ground, Cavendish Road, London W4 3 UH

Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby

West London Free School

Fitness, Table Tennis,

Ravenscourt Park, London W6 0UA

Basketball, Fitness, Netball & Tennis 


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