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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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History Curriculum

The West London Free School history curriculum allows pupils to build a substantive and essential body of knowledge of both British and international history, playing an important part in a pupil’s cultural literacy. Our curriculum will also ensure pupils are building the disciplinary knowledge of an historian’s trade; for example, studying conflicting interpretations of the past or learning to draw conclusions from a diverse evidence base.

Consequently, our KS3 curriculum provides pupils with an extensive narrative of British history. This KS3 curriculum aims to build a foundation of knowledge essential for greater specialisation within our OCR Modern World GCSE and both Medieval and Modern A level options. Likewise, from Year 7 pupils will begin to learn the skills of an historian vital for success at GCSE and A level.

History Curriculum KS3

History Curriculum KS4

History Curriculum KS5

Government & Politics KS5

Other helpful information

Please see on the following link the official revision guide endorsed by the exam board. The history department would strongly advise all GCSE history pupils to purchase the following guide and refer to this guide regularly throughout the course.

History Revision Guide

Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason