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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Unit 1 Unseen Translation

Unit 2 Prose Comprehension – Pliny’s Letters

Unit 3 Prose Literature – Tacitus, Annals I; Cicero, Pro Milone

Unit 4 Verse Literature – Virgil, Aeneid Book VIII; Ovid, Heroides VI



Latin offers a unique opportunity to engage with the ancient literature upon which modern society is predicated. The values, society and history of the Roman world will be unlocked by translating authentic Roman authors and analysing the language, context and impact of their creation. You will study Pliny’s letters, gaining an insight into the relationship between Rome and her provinces. You will then consider the murderous rivalry of the Roman state, analysing the rhetoric of Cicero in Pro Milione, defending his friend Titus Annius Milo against the charge of murdering a political enemy. A more peaceful but no less fraught period sees the study of the transition from Augustus, ‘primus inter pares’ to Tiberius in Tacitus’ Annals. Finally, you will study some of the of the most acclaimed literature of all time, exploring Virgil’s Aeneid Book 8 and Ovid’s Heroides VI, Hypsiplye offering her incredulity at Jason abandoning her for the wicked Medea. This course is a delight to study and complements A-level or university study of another language, history, law, politics or English literature. It provides an opportunity to develop analytical skills and engage in textual criticism. Latin encourages mental versatility by engaging in a range of disciplines through the Latin sources that have retained their popularity for millennia.

Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason