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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Learning Opportunities

Years 10 and 11

EasyA Maths Mentoring 

The Maths department are delighted to be able to offer Years 10 and 11 an additional support for them when they are doing their homework – the EasyA tutoring app. Pupils were informed about the app in class and emails were sent to parents of Years 10 and 11 pupils with details for signing up and usage.

If you didn’t receive the email and would like the details please contact a.symons@wlfs.org

Together with St Paul's School, they are launching the EasyA Christmas Maths Quiz, which contains 6 questions (one set for each year group from 7-11) made by their mentors. It's available in the app (for students) and attached for reference here.




Imperial’s Outreach Programme has set up this webinar series for secondary school students of Black African and Afro-Caribbean heritage who are interested in STEMM careers:




Please use of the Mock COP (concluded on 1st Dec with an 18-point declaration to world leaders) materials for practising or keeping up-to-date your French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic or what about Afrikaans! All translated by volunteer young native speakers so accurate and up-to-date lingo.  Perfect for current affairs/environment topic language immersion ahead of any interviews, mocks or just for general interest…

Home - Mock COP – just toggle the website between different languages on the bottom right:

You can hear high level spoken statements from young people from European countries here: https://youtu.be/4IyBVM62eqY (you can also access written transcripts there for reading practice)

And from elsewhere in the world: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1LiRHp01O2jo74pHIYxKqosUCMaHUmEM

Transcripts of all the statements in several languages are also here in one pdf: Conference Declaration - Mock COP

Many of the speeches in English have also been translated into the official UN languages e.g. this speech on the intersection of feminism and climate change by a 15-year-old American girl has transcripts available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Mandarin: https://youtu.be/WS5L5j16BMM

Lots more at Mock COP26 - YouTube

Some of the press coverage: https://www.mockcop.org/press/


Our Youth Climate Summit was a partner fringe event of the Mock COP.

 If you’d like to know more about the event just drop me a line.

Dr Jess  Tipton  (environment@spgs.org)

SPGS’ Environmental and Sustainability Lead.



Subject: WLP Debate from Latymer Upper - USA Politics. The future for Trump/”Trumpism” and Biden

For students interested in politics, economics and the USA,  a debate from Latymer Upper School. 

USA Politics. A debate about the future for Trump/”Trumpism” and Biden, with a distinguished panel https://youtu.be/ot0RbSQa9-4

A debate on US Politics with a panel of experts chaired by Mark Wallace, Latymer’s Head of Economics. They will deal with questions we all are talking and reading about at the moment, such as:

- What is the future of Trump / 'Trumpism'?

- Is impeachment a good idea?

- Can US politics be stabilised?

- Will Trump end up in prison?

- What is the future of the Republican Party?

- How will Biden get legislation through Congress?

- What are the priorities for Biden and what policies will he pursue at home and abroad?


  • John Gilbert, Latymer’s Head of Politics, teacher of the USA Politics section;
  • Mark Wallace, Latymer’s Head of Economics (Peer-reviewed papers on Applied Economics) and teacher of Elective on post 1945 Political History.
  • Paul Goldsmith, Latymer’s Head of Year 10 and Politics and Economics teacher, political blogger (http://www.pjgoldsmith.com​) and co-author of “How to lose a Referendum”. He has appeared numerous times on Sky News.
  • Greg Beitchman, Latymer parent and a former CNN Executive and Reuters Journalist.



Mr Mark Wallace, Head of Economics at Latymer Upper, would like to share this talk on the 2021 Budget.

It is about 15 minutes long and quite engaging. Please share this with your students who are interested in Economics, Politics & Government or just about what’s going on around them!

They can watch this at their leisure.

The link is here:




Forthcoming Events



SPARTA: Perspectives in Architecture with Melissa Woolford

Thursday 23 September, 1.15pm. Suitable for Years 10-13.

Ticket price: Free

Melissa Woolford (MArch, FRSA) shares an insight into her varied experience in the architecture industry, from working for Zaha Hadid Architects (2006-09) to today as Founder and Director of the Museum of Architecture. She will explore the important issues that architects are currently addressing in the industry and anticipate what the future will bring.

Melissa Woolford (BFA Architecture(Hons) MArch(Hons) FRSA) is the Founder and Director of the Museum of Architecture, which she started in 2006 to help architects be more entrepreneurial and help the public better engage with architecture. Melissa also started the School for Creative Thinkers in 2019 and is the Founder and Director of Nous Collaborative. Her clients include the Wild Turkey Bourbon, Dove, Ocean Spray and the Delfina Foundation.


Young Directors’ Showcase

Thursday 23 – Friday 24 September, 6.30pm

Ticket price: £7

Over one intense weekend, a group of 8th Form directors work from scratch to stage short pieces of theatre, following workshops with a range of industry professionals. The resulting showcase contains an eclectic mix of styles and genres, paying testament to the hard work and creative vision of this talented crop of young theatre-makers.


The UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) – the umbrella organisation for a number of regional networks including LSEN – is inviting applications from young people to represent UK schools at the COP26 international climate conference in Glasgow this November for:

  • Group A: a 'home-based' wider COP26 team (open to Years 10-13); and/or
  • Group B: a smaller team based in Glasgow 4th–7th November (open to Year 12s and possibly Year 13s) 

These opportunities are aimed at existing members of UKSSN and its regional networks but, as some regions and groups are currently under-represented in UKSSN, active consideration will be given to young people who have not yet been part of a network. We are particularly looking for applicants from schools in the maintained sector. Grateful if you could recommend to particular students to apply, based on potential and track record on social or environmental projects. Depending on numbers we may need to ask for teacher references and/or run brief Zoom interviews next week.

Students can use this form to apply for Group A and/or Group B by Friday 24 September: https://forms.office.com/r/tJNrChZQZH 

Please note they will need to provide initial parental consent via the form and the Glasgow trip is NOT a school trip but a supervised UKSSN trip that will require authorised absence from school.






Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason