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The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Learning Opportunities

Years 10 and 11


EasyA Maths Mentoring 

The Maths department are delighted to be able to offer Years 10 and 11 an additional support for them when they are doing their homework – the EasyA tutoring app. Pupils were informed about the app in class and emails were sent to parents of Years 10 and 11 pupils with details for signing up and usage.

If you didn’t receive the email and would like the details please contact a.symons@wlfs.org




Imperial’s Outreach Programme has set up this webinar series for secondary school students of Black African and Afro-Caribbean heritage who are interested in STEMM careers:







Tuesday 24 November at 6pm

Topic:  Medical ethics series

Speaker: Arthur Caplan (Founding Head of Division of Medical Ethics at NYU) 

Zoom Link


Passcode: 285255



External: shared by Wimbledon High School

Tuesday 24 November at 6.30pm

Topic: History and Philosophy: Decolonising the curriculum, specifically Classics focus

Speaker: Dr Rebecca Futo Kennedy

Blurb about the speaker : https://denison.edu/people/rebecca-futo-kennedy)

Talk  link to follow.



More SPGS Webinars:

Wednesday 25 November at 4.30pm

Topic: Organic Chemistry Talk – Organic Solar cells

Speaker: Dr Artem Bakulin

Zoom Link:


Passcode: 930828


Friday 27 November at 12noon

Topic: Friday afternoon Lecture -  exploring identity, representation and notions of ‘otherness’, particularly of Muslims in Britain

Speaker: Shaista Chishty (Photographer and Visual artist)


See some of her works here: https://grainphotographyhub.co.uk/portfolio-type/shaista-chishty/

Talk Link to follow.


Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason