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WLFS Secondary

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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 PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The WLFS PTA’s primary aim is to create a strong supportive school community by holding events and fundraising activities which include parents, carers, pupils and teachers. We develop and maintain a wide range of events, some to build community and some to raise much needed funds for our school. The money that the PTA raises goes towards making the school a better place. The Headteacher will compile a “wish list”– an annual request for items that she and the staff feel would benefit the school. 

We recently held a very successful auction, with the support of WLFS families and local businesses, and we were able to raise £23,000. These funds are already being put towards various projects and requirements for the school. We have currently approved the purchase of desktop computers for the Art Department along with photoshop licenses; 10 pupil laptops; DNA Modification Equipment for our Year 11s; supplies for the school libraries, both at Franklin House and Palingswick House; iPads for the Maths Department to allow for classes to be more interactive and upgrades to Common Areas at Franklin House,  along with a range of other items.


Please Join Us!

All parents and carers are welcome to PTA meetings, and you will find that you can contribute in some way, depending on the level of involvement you want.

Any offers are welcome and there are many roles to play!

We warmly welcome all new members and are currently looking for a Sponsorship Coordinator to develop relationships with local estate agents & businesses, in order to increase corporate sponsorship of our events. We are also forming a committee to explore the feasibility, cost and maintenance programme for a Living Wall at Palingswick House. If you are interested in organising the Living Wall Committee, or joining us as our Sponsorship Coordinator, please email us at pta@wlfs.org

In addition, we are looking for Event Coordinators for our Cabaret Evenings, Sports Day, the Art Exhibition Evening and Sports Awards Evening. We provide all new Event Coordinators with an event pack that includes historical event information, a pre-event checklist, detailed event set-up information and an event staffing guide.


Upcoming School Events

Art Exhibition Evening, June 2020

Sports Awards Evening 19th June 2020

Summer Fair on 25th June 2020

Sports Day on 3rd July 2020


Current PTA Committee

Chair:  Leah Godfrey

Treasurer:  Sharon Robinson

Secretary:  Maica Pons

Catering Team:  Louna Barakat, Sadieh Mashai, Angela Ridgeon, Philippa Hanscombe

Designer:  Joanna Caron-Delion

Class Rep Coordinator:  Naomi Propper

Second Hand Uniform Coordinator:  Kim Stringer

Committee Members:  Alison Goddard & Julia Erdem


Christmas Disco

Quiz Night Summer Fair
Parent's Social Cabaret Evening Sports Gala Dinner


You, your family and friends can start to raise funds for the WLFS immediately by using this easy and effortless fundraising scheme:

Register for free at easyfundraising.org.uk as a supporter and nominate the West London Free School as your cause from the list. All retailers listed will give a percentage of what you spend to the WLFS PTA – with no extra cost to you!


PTA improvements to the outside spaces

Form Reps

Form Reps play an important role supporting the Committee and communicating with other parents. Please contact pta@wlfs.org for a list of current Form Reps.

Contact us

This year promises to be an exciting and fun-packed year.

Please contact us with your ideas and contact details if you’d like to play a part, big or small, in helping our school community. 

If you are able to volunteer or wish to contact the PTA, please email us at pta@wlfs.org.


A copy of our constitution can be accessed here.    



Photography by Eleanor Bentall and Peter Mason