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We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Pastoral Care at the West London Free School

Head of Pastoral Care

Mrs Philomon

I am the Assistant Headteacher and head of Pupil Welfare for the whole school. I manage the Pastoral Team and ensure that there is a wide range of support in place for our pupils. I work closely with pupils, their families, the Pastoral Team and external agencies to ensure that all pupils have access to the support they need.


Lead Counsellor

Mrs Clover Hibbert

I am the Lead Counsellor at the West London Free School. I offer one-to-one weekly counselling for pupils in the Lower School and the Sixth Form. I also meet pupils for drop-in sessions to talk through any worries they might have, or to discuss support options in school and outside school that we help them access. I can help with referrals to CAMHS, Child Wellbeing Practitioner and other relevant services.


School Nurse and Mental Health Lead

Mrs Abi Martineau

WLFS implements a whole school approach to mentaI health. This means that we support pupils to be resilient and mentally healthy with access to support where needed. If there are any Health & Mental Health concerns that impact your child’s school life please inform a member of the pastoral team.

External referrals: I am able to refer to the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and other relevant external services.


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Miss Crook

I work with all the pupils and families of pupils who are eligible for Special Educational Needs support including those with Educational Health Care Plans and those who need support from a Teaching Assistant. I can help with applications for EHCPs and to put SEN support in place for those pupils who need it.


Removal and Reflection Mentor, ELSA

Miss Marouf

I am the school ELSA, I offer one-to-one support to pupils who wishes to reach their potential, find solutions to any worries they have, or to feel happier in school and out. Any of the pastoral staff can refer your child for ELSA support.


West London Zone Link Worker

Miss Upward

I help pupils build the relationships and skills they need to get on track socially, emotionally and academically by listening to their voice and helping them set the goals that they think will help them. I work with Mrs Philomon and Heads of Year to find pupils most suited to the programme.


Heads of Year

Your child’s Head of Year is their second port of call after their Form Teacher if they have any concerns they would like to talk through.


Mr Wilsdon - Head of Year 7


Miss Abbassy - Head of Year 8


Ms Dumbill - Head of Year 9


Miss Coleman - Head of Year 10


Mr Booth - Head of Year 11


Mr Millar - Head of Year 12


Miss Jones - Head of Year 13


Miss Speller - Head of Sixth Form


External Support Services (Face-to-Face and Online)

There are lots of external services that the Pastoral Team can refer your child to for face-to-face support outside school. These include:

CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service provided by the NHS. Your child can be referred by their GP or by our Pastoral Team.

Child Wellbeing Practitioner – Provides guided self-help interventions for young people experiencing mild to moderate low mood, anxiety or behavioural difficulties. Pupils can be referred by the Pastoral Team or by your GP.

Hounslow Youth Counselling Service – Free counselling for young people in Hounslow. This can be online or face-to-face. Pupils can self-refer or be referred by the Pastoral Team.

Mosaic – Provide support and empowerment for LGBTQ+ young people and their parents. Pupils can self refer or be directed by the Pastoral Team


External Support Services (Online)

These can be accessed by pupils or referred by pastoral staff.

    Free, safe and anonymous mental well being support from trained practitioners. Pupils self refer via an app. Also lots of online resources available via their website.

A free and confidential service for the under 25s to help you take on any challenge you might be facing. Call 0808 808 4994 or text THEMIX to 85258