West London Free School

West London Free School

Religious Studies 




Unit 1 Philosophy of Religion (33.3% of A-level)

Unit 2 Religion and Ethics (33.3% of A-level)

Unit 3 Developments in Christian Thought (33.3% of A-level)



OCR A-level is made up of three units. Each unit is assessed in a two-hour exam at the end of Year 13. The exam for each unit contains four questions, all of which are worth 40 marks. Pupils choose three of these questions to answer.

In Unit 1 pupils study philosophical language and thought, from Plato and Aristotle to the present day. This includes philosophical questions raised by religion and belief, such as the existence or non-existence of God, the problem of evil and the human mind, body and soul. The nature of religious language and differing conceptions of God are also studied.

In Unit 2 pupils study ethical theories including Natural Law, Situation Ethics, Kantian Ethics and Situation Ethics. These are applied to issues such as euthanasia, business ethics, and sexual ethics. Pupils also make a comparative study of Aquinas and Freud’s conceptions of conscience.

In Unit 3 pupils examine aspects of Christian theology including Augustine’s ideas about human nature and the relationship between faith and reason. They also study the ways in which Christian thought has developed over time and responded to social change. This includes a study of feminist theology and Christian responses to secularism and religious diversity.


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