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Remote Teaching Provision


What will pupils be taught remotely?  

When pupils are not allowed into school, they will continue to receive a full school timetable of online lessons for the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic. This will be the case in the event of a national or local school closure, and a certain year group or bubble being sent home.   

All lessons will be taught live. In terms of resources, pupils should continue to use the exercise books, booklets and textbooks they have been supplied with whilst at school. Anything that would normally be supplied in the lesson (such as worksheets or extra reading) will be supplied digitally.  

What volume of work should pupils expect to complete?  

At Key Stages 4 and 5 (Yrs. 11-13), the curriculum diet provided through online teaching will – as far as is possible – attempt to reflect normal school. Pupils will receive the same level of homework as before. This is important to ensure that they do not fall behind in their content-coverage for national examinations.  

At Key Stage 3 (Yrs. 7-9), pupils will continue to receive a full school timetable, but we will not set homework. This is to limit the screen time for pupils, and ensure that workload remains manageable for staff. It means that more ‘lesson time’ may be given over to independent tasks that would otherwise be set as homework. 

How will pupils access their lessons remotely?  

Pupils will access their lessons through Microsoft Teams, and have all been provided with logins and passwords. If your child has trouble accessing Teams, please contact the Head of Year in the first instance.  

If your child does not have a device on which to access Teams, please contact k.godsal@wlfs.org, and we will endeavour to loan or supply you with a laptop to take home.  

How will pupil engagement in online lessons be monitored?  

Teachers will complete a single register for each of their classes each week recording ‘engagement’ in online lessons. Importantly, we are not recording attendance. In order to gain a ‘yes’ mark for engagement in the weekly registers, pupils need to provide evidence of actual work, submitted either during or following the lesson.  

Heads of Year will monitor engagement in online lessons and get in touch with families of pupils whose engagement is poor to find out what barriers are preventing them from taking part in online lessons.  

Feedback on pupil work  

Staff will continue to provide regular feedback on pupil work remotely via Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and SatchelOne (formerly ShowMyHomework). Parents evenings will run remotely for Years 9, 11 and 13 in the Lent Term, and for other year groups at dates to be confirmed. End of term reports will continue to be published. However, they will not – as normally – contain grades if the period for assessment takes place during school closure. This is due to the impossibility of ensuring the validity of assessments taken remotely.  

Additional support for SEN, vulnerable and key worker pupils 

During any period of school closure, we will have a small team of staff onsite to provide for SEN, vulnerable and key worker pupils. They will still be expected to engage in the remote lessons being taught via Microsoft teams, but from the school on a school computer or laptop. If you would like to enquire into whether you are eligible for such provision, please contact b.mclaughlin@wlfs.org.  

Remote education for self-isolating pupils  

Where individual or small groups of pupils need to self-isolate, and the rest of their year group remain at school, they will still be able to access lessons via Microsoft Teams. Teachers will record their lessons live on Microsoft Teams from their West London Free School classroom, allowing pupils at home to still engage with the subject content that is being taught.