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Weekly Update Archive 

Dear Parents and Carers,
We have had another quiet but productive week at the West London Free School. Over 90% of Year 10s and Year 12s have come in for their exams and we continue a small provision for the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils. Teachers are posting assemblies online for specific year groups and for the whole school. We are also planning some special live events for the end of term, including a live streamed concert, a remote prize giving ceremony and an end of term assembly. I hope very much that you will join us online for these.
Recently, I have written to you several times about how worried I am about our Key Stage 3 pupils in particular. Some of them are not logging into lessons or submitting their work. I have attached their timetables to remind you when their lessons are; all of their homework tasks are set on ShowMyHomework. I am also concerned about those pupils who have been working assiduously and have reported that they are finding that they have too much work. It is important that these pupils manage their time well and do not feel stressed by having too much work to complete. If you feel that your child has too much to do, please look at their work schedule with them and ensure that they do not spend too much time on individual tasks. It is fine for them to spend the time allocated and then draw a line under their work, with a message to the teacher saying that this is the amount of work they could finish in the allocated time. No Key Stage 3 pupil should be working late into the evening on work set during Lockdown. They should also not feel stressed. If they are logging into lessons and completing their work within a reasonable time in the afternoon, that is absolutely fine.
It is such a shame that Activities Week was cancelled. This is the time of year when our Key Stage 3 pupils are given the opportunity to put their school books down for a few days and spend time with their peers, make new friends and take part in new, interesting and challenging activities; we feel that this is a key part of their educational experience. As we cannot run our usual trips and activities, we are holding Competition Week from 6th – 10th July. Please see the details of this below. We are hoping that all of our Key Stage 3 pupils will participate in several of these fun yet educational challenges.
Lastly, there is a rumour that we will not be requiring pupils to come into school in September wearing ties and blazers. This misinformation was fuelled by the photograph of our uniform randomly chosen by the Daily Mirror to illustrate their ‘story’ about school uniform in the Autumn Term. I would like to assure you that there is no foundation to this story. Pupils will be returning in September in full school uniform, unless I receive a clear directive from the Department for Education that we should adapt our uniform for Health & Safety reasons. This has not been sent yet and I hope that this will remain the case. I very much enjoy having the smartest and best-dressed pupils in the Borough.
Please see below points of information for the relevant years for this week’s update, 26th June 2020.
Year 11 : Pre-enrolment for Sixth Form
All current Year 11s who wish to join the Sixth Form this September must have completed this pre-enrolment submission https://form.jotform.com/201603066587354 as soon as possible and before the deadline of 16th July. 
Also, today is your last chance to view the Welcome Evening messages sent out last week via this link Y12 Welcome Evening 2020
If you have any queries regarding Sixth Form admissions please email Ms Frederick l.frederick@wlfs.org.
Years 7 to 11 : Letter from Billings & Edmonds
Please find attached a letter from Billings & Edmonds informing you  of the new way in which they are now operating and how to buy uniform this year. 
Years 7 to 9 : Key Stage 3 Competitions
Please find attached details about our Competitions Week for Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9). Competitions Week will last from Monday 6th to Friday 10th July, when there will be no online lessons for Key Stage 3. Instead, we are running competitions in each subject area. Entry for these competitions is optional, but we recommend pupils enter around three each.
Online lessons and work on SMHW carry on as normal for Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July, and will resume from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th July. Online lessons and work for Years 10 and 12 will carry on as normal until the end of term.
Further information about the different competitions, along with links and details on submission, will be made available on ShowMyHomework over the coming week. The submission date for every competition is Friday 10th July.
First prize in any competition will result in 100 house points for the winner’s house. Good luck one and all!
Years 7 to 13 : Return of Loaned Equipment


If pupils have been loaned any equipment by the school, please can this be returned to Palingswick House by Friday 17th July.
Years 7 and 8 : Message from the Library
The link below is to a delightful collection put together by 100 authors/illustrators, free to children in lockdown, on the theme of hope. Suitable for ages 9-12.

Years 7 to 11 : Lost Property

Please see attached two pictures showing the glasses and watches we currently have in Lost Property. We are unable to keep these, so we will be disposing of any that are not claimed before the end of term.


Please see the following attachments:

Years 7 to 9 : Key Stage 3 Remote Teaching Timetable

Years 7 to 9 : Key Stage 3 Competitions

Years 7 to 11 : Letter from Billings & Edmonds

Years 7 to 11 : Lost Property - Glasses

Years 7 to 11 : Lost Property - Watches

I hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Best wishes,

Clare Wagner



Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have had a good week. We have had a phenomenal weeks here at WLFS. The vast majority of Year 10 and Year 12 pupils have been coming in for their exams and pastoral check-ins with staff. It was so good to see at least some of our pupils back in school. Only a very few pupils who are shielding in have not come in. We have followed social distancing guidelines as much as possible, employed a day cleaner and supplied everyone with hand sanitiser. It is very difficult to keep teenagers two metres apart from each other, as I am sure you can imagine, so I hope that the government finds a way to enable us to get back to having a full school by September, whilst keeping everyone safe.

I was contacted by one of our former pupils, Amara, who is part the Hammersmith and Fulham Peer Research Project. The project is focused on finding out the young people's views on the borough and how we can work together to improve and make the borough better for everyone. Today I have sent information to your children about this and the link to the survey. I would be grateful if you could encourage them or any other young people in your family (up to the age of 24) to complete the survey. 

Here the link to pass on: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VC28685

Many thanks for your cooperation with this project.

With regards to the Black Lives Matter movement, we have received several comments and suggestions from pupils and I look forward to working on an Action Plan for the school with the Senior Prefect Team when they have finished their exams.

I feel that most pupils in Years 7,8 and 9 have settled into a good routine with their online learning. I understand that this is difficult, but if you could check that your children are logging into their daily lessons and submitting work set, that would be brilliant. It is very easy to see on ShowMyHomework what tasks they have outstanding. Many, many thanks for your patience, support and help with ensuring that our pupils are continuing to learn and to make progress.

Please see below points of information for the relevant years for this week’s update, 19th June 2020.


Year 9 : Y10 Choir Form

In the next week the Music Department will be confirming the names for next year's Y10 Choir Form. In past years we have run auditions but in light of the current situation the decisions about places in the choir will be made through looking at the pupils' contribution to choir in the last year, quality of singing in class and reliability/punctuality regarding rehearsals. 

Any pupils who are not picked for the form, who wish to audition in the new year, will be given an opportunity once school has fully returned.


Years 8 to 13 : Book Club in Schools

Book Clubs in Schools (BCiS) have a long relationship with WLFS.  In fact, we were their first book club.  They are currently running an online book club via Instagram.  For any WLFS pupils aged 13+ they have sent the following details:

Our readalong on Instagram is ‘Liccle Bit’ by Alex Wheatle.  Book Clubs in Schools have negotiated the price to 99p across all channels for two weeks - it can be downloaded and then read on Kindle, via Google etc - we will publish new questions each Wednesday on our Instagram page.


I hope you all have a good weekend.

Yours faithfully, 

Clare Wagner







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